Hi I’m Amy, thanks for visiting!

I’m an event manager and from my experience, festivals and events are when people are at their best. We let out a side of ourselves that we don’t give much time to in the real world: a side that wants to play and explore and lets us be whoever we want to be.

I want to see the world and the people in it this way; celebrating their culture, their individuality, what they love and what they believe in. So I’m scrapping regular corporate life for a while to finally see the world, one celebration at a time.

I’ll be chasing as many events around the world as I can, from major popular music festivals to small religious feasts. I’ll be writing weekly festival and general travel tips – starting with Kenya in April and South East Asia from June.

I’ll also be taking the #NOTETOSELF project with me  – a new project inspired by Burning Man which aims to connect people around the world and promote happiness through inspiring messages, memories and the kindness of strangers.

Find out more and get involved: https://xstaticworld.com/notetoself/

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I'm A Kiss From The World Blogger


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Around the world.. one celebration at a time.

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