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I invite you all to join me and spread the #NOTETOSELF project as far and wide as possible!

How to get involved:

Whether you’re at a festival or event, travelling, on holiday or even celebrating in your home ask yourself if somebody around you would want to remember the feeling of right now.

1. Find anything to write on and ask someone to write a letter to themselves in the future,

2. take a photo of that person with their letter at that place and time,

3. ask them to write their address on the back then post it when you feel the time is right,

4. ask that person to do the same for someone else next time they have the chance.

5. Write one to yourself while you’re there!

Please Tweet or Instagram your photos using #NOTETOSELF or email so we can build an ever-growing gallery that we can all look to when we need to remember a bit of happiness.

This is a free gift you can give to a complete stranger and yourself. Enjoy it!

Read about how the #NOTETOSELF project got started here and see the full gallery below.

Thank you.

Please remember to ask permission to take a photo and let people know you will be sending it into the gallery. If someone isn’t happy with their photo being taken that’s fine, they still deserve a letter! Please don’t wait years until posting your letter (people move house!). 

For more information please email Amy on


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